Shareholder Information

The following information is disclosed for the purposes of Compliance with AIM Rule 26.

Updated: 29/03/2021

The total number of shares in issue at 25th March 2021 was 116,332,457. The percentage not in public hands was 39.8%

Significant Shareholders

NameNo. of Ordinary Shares heldPercentage of issued share capital
Downing Strategic MicroCap Investment Trust Plc (via Nortrust Nominees Limited) 24,489,79521.1%
Mr James Alexander Carter 10,908,0789.4%
Mr James Robert Douglas 10,908,0789.4%
JIM Nominees Limited 8,734,0927.5%
Vidacos Nominees Limited 8,234,0007.1%
Pershing Nominees Limited 4,840,2134.2%
Lawshare Nominees Limited 3,905,9643.4%
Lawshare Nominees Limited 3,515,6973.0%